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Describe your Needs

Please tell us about your care needs and preferences by calling us or by filling out our online form.

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Choose Your Aid

Take a look at our offered services and see which ones will be of benefit to you or your loved ones.

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We will get in touch with you on a regular basis. We are here to address your care needs and concerns.

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Welcome to Circle of Health Home Care

caregiver and her elderly patients

Circle of Health’s Caregivers Are Fully Bonded and Insured

Assured Quality

Entrance Exam

We have a comprehensive entrance exam for applicants who want to join our team. Click Here

Personal Assessment

We assess the traits of potential caregivers to see if they are compatible with our clients. Click Here

CNA Certified

We identify if potential applicants have Certified Nursing Assistant certification. Click Here

Background Checks

We make sure to hire the right people by conducting comprehensive background checks. Click Here

Reference Checks

Applicants must secure references before they are offered a position on our team. Click Here


We have three interviews to assess if an applicant is qualified for a spot on our team. Click Here

Choose Your Aid

Circle of Health’s Caregivers Help PromoteIndependence and Safety by Providing the Services You Need and Want



We make sure our clients stay socially and mentally engaged. [Click Here]

Live-In Aide

Our staff members can provide care on a live-in basis. [Click Here]

Personal Care

We help our clients fulfill their personal care requirements. [Click Here]


We help the people under our care maintain a clean home. [Click Here]

Respite Care

We can provide your loved ones with care while you take a planned or emergency break from your caregiving duties. [Click Here]

Hospice Care

We are dedicated to helping those with life-limiting illnesses live out the rest of their lives in comfort and contentment. [Click Here]

Transitional Care

We help your loved ones make the transition from the hospital to their home or other care settings.
[Click Here]


We make sure our clients have safe rides to and from their medical appointments and other outings.
[Click Here]

Describe Your Need Only pay for the services you want.

Circle of Health Is the Only Agency Providing These Prices Online

Without you having to schedule a free 2-hour consultation, because we know how busy you already are.


Describe your needs and we will tell you which services are right for you.

We like to stay connected with our visitors/community and clients through our resources and community partnerships.